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Again and again the Scriptures remind us that we are to forgive the sins of our fellow saints. This is our sacred duty and responsibility. Christ, for example, states it very emphatically when He says to His disciples: “Take heed to yourselves: If thy …

It is my contention that it is those who hold the offer who have truncated the gospel, subverted its power and the word of grace. It is they who cripple mission work and debilitate the preaching of the gospel. The so-called free or well-meant offer on the mission field makes the gospel weak, ineffective and anemic.

From the December 15, 1991 Issue of The Standard Bearer magazine

From the November 15, 1964 issue of the Standard Bearer

From the October 1, 1978 issue of the Standard Bearer

From the December 15, 1967 issue of the Standard Bearer

From the November 15, 1985 edition of the Standard Bearer

From the November 15th, 2003, edition of the Standard Bearer

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